What Everybody Should Know... About How To Prepare For Your Alaska Fishing Vacation


Dear Fellow Angler,

The idea of an Alaska fishing vacation thrills me. I hope to enjoy the experience of fishing salmon or trout in Alaska one day. But like every journey, the first steps, the preparation steps, are all-important. Planning an Alaska fishing trip is not done in minutes. It takes time.

Are you also planning for an Alaska fishing vacation? Are you looking for information on tour packages and what kind of preparation to make for the trip? Are you looking for fishing tips to ensure that you have all the advantages to enjoy your Alaska fishing holiday? Are you finding out about other costs that will be incurred during the trip?

It is my pleasure to congratulate you for taking the first step to a very challenging and most rewarding vacation - an Alaska fishing trip.

While I was searching for information to plan a fishing vacation to Alaska, I realised that accurate, comprehensive and updated information about planning an Alaska fishing trip was simply not available. To benefit aspiring visitors like yourself, I have specially compiled my observations and research into one site – To Get the Best Preparation for Your Alaska Fishing Vacation.

Reading this site take less than 1% of what it would take to search the internet for information yourself. Yet you will finish with much more than fragmented information on your Alaska fishing trip….. you will have a detailed preparation plan in one single site.

This site and all the advice in it has been specifically written to help and inform you to prepare your own fishing trip to Alaska.

Just read. It will take some time to read this site. It is time well invested. You will see that the approach is solid, that it makes sense. You are planning a trip to the last frontier and you need to inform yourself before you go there. Best of all… AFTER you have read the information on this site, planned your trip, you are READY. You are super-PREPARED, in a way that very few fishermen EVER prepare!

This site keeps you always up-to-date, as it deletes the old, adds the new and only presents what is essential for your Alaska fishing vacation. I read and boil ALL the info and e-zines down to what you need. YOU focus on preparing your Alaska fishing vacation, not sorting out all the “Noise”.

OK… now that you have the big picture, let’s go!

But wait... I live in The Netherlands, and I’m the author and editor of alaska-fishing-vacation-advisor.com. (Please note that English is not my native language, so please forgive the occasional mistake.)

OK. That's it. Let's go now.

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