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When you travel with an Alaska fishing guide you get the pleasure of fishing your heart out until you can fish no more. Your guide doesn't forget a thing.

Your Alaska fishing guide will be eager to share his knowledge and love of Alaska's incomparable fishing.

His services cover the full range of visitor activities related to fishing.

The Short-Trip Guide

The short-trip guides offer a variety of short-trip options ranging from a half-day to several days fishing.

They use boats, small planes, cars or foot access. The accommodations they provide are often simple: small cabins, bed and breakfasts, tent camps or on-board vessels. And your meals and gear are usually provided.

Rates vary from region to region, but prices usually range from $125 to $150 per person for a half day fishing to $400 per person (or more) for a full day.

These guides prefer that you make a reservation, but most will accept last-minute inquiries as well.

The Wilderness Guide

The wilderness guides have a high level of professionalism, training, education and commitment within the Alaska sportfishing industry.

The wilderness Alaska fishing guide has college degrees in fishing, wilderness emergency medical training, and other qualifications.

They offer fishing trips that range in lenght from 3 to 14 days and operate out of the major hubs.

They handle everything for you. From float trips to spike camps. And they offer unguided outfitting options as well.

Depending on your location and the services provided, prices vary from $250 to $400 (or more) per day per person, usually all-inclusive; transportation, meals, guided fishing and everything else to and from the point of departure included.


If you want a less expensive Alaska fishing vacation, the options of the Alaska outfitter may be right for you.

You can use rafts, boats, yachts, cabins, cars, tent camps, even camping gear and fishing tackle, on a daily or weekly basis.

Generally expect to pay from $75-150 per day for a small boat or raft, with a slight discount for weekly rental. Larger boats and yachts go for $250-600 per day per person.

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