Would You Like To Make A Challenging Alaska Fishing Trip?

Do you know the most exciting way to experience an Alaska fishing trip?

It's floating down from headwaters in lightweight rafts or kayaks. While certainly not an option for everyone, this is perhaps the most unique and exciting way to experience Alaska's wild rivers and fishing.

It offers an intimate river experience.

You can travel through remote sections which few can access by any other means. And you can fish the entire length of the river.

Moreover, you can fully enjoy the sounds and sights of the wilderness, because you use no mechanized equipment.

The downside to the float-trip experience can be the weather. So be prepared!

Your Equipment

High-quality equipment is essential for your fishing trip:

- layered clothing for warmth;
- expedition quality raingear with hood;
- high quality sunglasses, preferably polarized;
- sunscreen;
- bug spray (minimu 25% Deet);
- water repellent hiking boots with several pairs socks;
- small pocket knife;
- matches or lighter;
- good fishing hat with sun visor;
- wool or synthetic cap for cooler days;
- fingerless wool or synthetic gloves;
- small flashlight/extra batteries & bulb (for late summer/fall);
- small bottle for drinking water.

The best rivers for float fishing in Alaska are in the Bristol and lower Kuskokwim Bays of the Southwest region.

Rates vary from region to region, but generally expect to pay from $250 to $500 per day per person, all-inclusive (meals, services of an experienced guide, boat, and everything else).

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