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If you're after the really big fish, you'll need an Alaska halibut charter, an all-day charter.

Halibut average 40 to 80 pounds, but it's not uncommon to return with fish that tip the scales at 200, even 300, pounds.

The biggest fish are in open water. But it gets rough out there, so be prepared. If you're prone to seasickness, it will be a day in hell.

Homer: The Halibut Capital

Homer is known as the halibut capital of the world. Homer is located at the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula. It is a small sport and commercial fishing community, and the home of more than 100 sportfishing charter boats.

The halibut season in Homer runs from late May through the month of August.

Fishing for halibut is arranged by paying for an Alaska halibut charter. Advance reservations are advised everywhere.

There are many choices on where to fish, and who to fish with. The best thing you can do is to go to a booking agency and let them figure it out for you, where to go.

A booking agency is linked to dozens of boats, and they're your best chance of getting exactly what you want.

Take some time, and talk to them. Tell them what kind of fishing you're looking for.

They will match you up to the boat that will give you the best time. There are so many independent charter operators that choosing one yourself can be a bewildering experience.

Prepare Yourself

A good way to pick an Alaska halibut charter is to talk to people who have chartered a ship. Go down to the docks the night before you want to charter and talk to people coming in.

Before booking your fishing trip, ask how long a half-day or whole-day charter lasts, and find out exactly how much time you'll be on the water.

It's also important to know how long the captain has been working the area. And also ask your captain about his license.

Most fishing charters will provide you with the boat and fishing gear. And you bring your own lunch.

Most operators will help you process your catch.

If someone is very cheap, find out why. They may go to a different fishing area, stay away from the deep water, or offer fewer services.

Most charter companies will clean your fish, but getting them back home is your problem. There are seefood companies who can vacuum-pack, freeze, and ship your halibut fish.

Go For It!

So, go for it. The views alone are worth the price.

You will see otters and whales on almost any Homer and Alaska halibut charter.

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