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Alaska Hunting Trips

Have you ever dreamt of Alaska hunting trips?

An Alaska hunting trip may be a good alternative for one or more days of alaska fishing.

Everywhere in Alaska you will find experienced and qualified guides who do everything possible to make sure you have a successful and memorable hunting experience.

These hunting guides offer year-round hunting excursions into the Alaska wilderness.

Their hunting packages include great food, with clean and comfortable camps. And they take exceptional care of your trophies and hides, which are professionally fleshed, salted and packaged for shipment.

Arrangements for the shipping of hides, meat, etc. can often be made locally or you may take it home with you.

Some of these hunting trips are being made by vessels allowing first class transport to and from the hunting areas.

alaska hunting trips, moose These full live-aboard hunts provide you, the hunter, male or female, young or old, with the advantage of a very comfortable and highly mobile hunting lodge.

Being mobile instead of limited to one area, you are able to cruise miles of prime coastline giving you the opportunity to glass for the game you would like to take.

You will go into the field on day hunts. After a full day hunt, you come back to the comfort of the vessel. This allows you to wake every morning dry and rested ready for a full days hunt.

Other hunting trips have a different schedule.

Then you won't stay in the same hunting lodge every night. You will stay throughout your hunting trip in comfortable spike camps in remote areas of the country.

And normally you will come back to the hunting lodge every 3-5 days for showers, etc., and to get together with other hunters and Alaska hunting guides.

alaska hunting trips, moose alaska

Depending on your objectives, you can hunt moose, caribou or black bear, singly or in combination.

Many of the game areas provide excellent opportunities for taking all three.

If you prefer the experience of hunting in two areas, a move to a second site can often be pre-arranged.

Which of the Alaska hunting trips are the most difficult? Moose is probably the most demanding.

A final tip: Good shape for your bear hunting or moose hunting trips definitely adds to your chances of success.

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