To People Who Want To Travel The Coast Like On A Cruise Ship.

Take The Alaska Marine Highway

Start your Alaska fishing vacation on water. TAKE A FERRY of the
Alaska Marine Highway.

Alaskans can't walk on water, but they can drive on it, in a manner of speaking, thanks to the ferry service.

Did you know that the Marine Highway System is Alaska's main way to get around?

alaska marine highway, boat It was first organized in 1963 while serving the inside passage of southeast then later extending to other communities in the other coastal regions.

The Alaska Marine Highway System carries over 350,000 passengers and 100,000 vehicles every year. WOW…

And some of the ferries hold more than 700 passengers and up to 90 vehicles.

Keep in mind that the state ferries are not cruise ships! They do not have beauty salons, deck games, and the like. The small stores on the larger ferries are open limited hours.

And on overnight trips you can pay extra for a stateroom. But most people choose to sleep where they sit, or out on deck.

If you can't get a cabin on your trip - DO IT ANYWAY! Quite a few folks camp on deck using tents, pads and sleeping bags and are very comfortable. Grandparents are down to youngsters and all enjoy the adventure.

alaska marine highway, ferry

One of the benefits of traveling Alaska's Marine Highway is being able to take your fishing equipment with you. The ferries can accommodate anything you want to take with you to the coast of Alaska. At each community, you'll find opportunities to get out and explore massive amounts of backcountry for fishing.

You're free to stay at each stop for as long as you'd like.

And it's a good idea to bring your own snacks, books, games and toiletries, since these are not always available on board.

alaska marine highway, night

So don’t miss the Alaska Marine Highway on your fishing vacation.

It's part of the genuine Alaska experience. It's delightful and inexpensive.

Getting around Alaska by water is an adventure. Other popular ways to get around are by air, by road, or by rail, bush plane, air taxi or helicopter. See for example this web page about travel trailers in Alaska.

Taking a commercial flight between destinations is also a good mode of transportation. Alaska has several regional airports that make flying around the state straightforward.

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