Yes YOU Too Can Catch
Sockeye Salmon In An Area
Of Incredible Beauty.
Visit The Alaska Russian River

If you've always dreamed of fishing big salmon, then go to the Alaska Russian River area. Some of the best salmon fishing in all of Alaska takes place here.

Where can you find the Russian River?

It’s simple… In Southcentral Alaska, 50 miles south of Anchorage.

The Alaska Russian River is a beautiful, clear flowing stream starting at Upper Russian Lake which empties into Lower Russian Lake then into the confluence of the Kenai River. So two major lakes are formed along the way – Upper and Lower Russian.

Upper Lake alaska russian river, upper lake
It's wonderful there. Really. Look at the images on this page.

Fishing the Alaska Russian River is an opportunity to cast for big fish in a shallow clear water stream, often sight fishing, on your own, with no need for a guide. That’s what I call HOLIDAY.

And did you know, that...

The Russian River is perhaps the most visited stream of its size in Alaska?

The first of two large runs of red salmon enters the river in June, the second in July and August, followed by a smaller (and much less fished) run of silver salmon in August and September.

OK. You want to go to the Alaska Russian River. Where to start?

Start your trip at the Forest Service Campground, located at Milepost 52 of the Sterling Highway.

This roadside location is undoubtedly the most popular highway fishery in all of Alaska. This area is where the confluence of the Kenai and Russian rivers meet. Its fishing quality is legendary.

alaska russian river, lake, river

Be aware of special regulations on the Alaska Russian River!

This is a “fly-fishing only” area. And since the Russian River sees an enormous amount of spawning activity in August and September, brown and black bears can be quite common.

So be careful!

Expect combat fishing at the Lower Russian River. Fishermen can at times be almost shoulder to shoulder by the hundreds. Some people return a day of fishing with up to 30 pounds of salmon. WOW.

alaska russian river, fly fishing Another option is to fish the Upper Russian River.

This is an area where you rarely encounter other anglers and where bears still outnumber people. It does, however, require a little extra effort to reach this part of the Russian River.

So be prepared for a hike or mountain bike.

And don’t miss this.

Take a break from fishing and check out the Russian River Falls.

Witness one of those miracles of nature – thousands of red and silver salmon fighting their way to their ancestral grounds.

What more can I say?

The Alaska Russian River is Alaskan fishing at its best.

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