10 Questions To Ask Your Alaska Travel And Tourism Service.
About Negotiating With Tourist Services

Know what you want!

YES … When you deal with Alaska Travel and Tourism businesses, you should stay focused. It’s important as a first step to determine the kind of fishing experience you are most interested in. Perhaps you have a desire to catch a big king salmon, a trophy rainbow trout or a monster halibut. Or if you’re really adventurous, your Alaska fishing dream has articulated into camping and hiking in the wilderness, with some great stream or lake fishing on the side.

<b>Visit a local tourist office

alaska travel and tourism, tourist office

Begin by telling the public agency, your vacation planner, travel guide, visitor bureau or any other Alaska travel and tourism service everything they need to know to determine if what they provide is most suited to your needs. Click here for the Skagway Visitor Bureau.


Get answers to your satisfaction for anything you may have questions on.

And visit the local public agencies for fishing trip planning materials they may have to offer. They know the best fishing places to go, the best things to see, the best places to stay, the best places to eat and shop and they are the best people to ask for the details on their local community. They will share their best-kept secrets with you and your Alaska fishing experience will be the richer for it. See for example the Sitka Alaska tourist information.

Here are some important questions to ask your Alaska travel and tourism service:

1. Where are you located?

Many Alaska travel and tourism companies claiming to be Alaska travel experts are actually located thousands of miles from the state (in North America or Europe) with reservation agents who have never visited Alaska. Don’t consider doing business with anyone who hesitates to give you information or tries to intimidate you in any way!

2. How long have you been in business?

Check whether your lodge owner, fishing guide, air taxi, outfitter or tour operator has experience in the Alaska fishing travel business and has helped visitors over the years to plan their perfect Alaska fishing vacation.

3. How large an operation are you dealing with?

I prefer the intimacy and flexibility of the smaller operators and lodges. The bigger Alaska travel and tourism firms handle large numbers of clients, are certainly efficient and very competitively priced.

Going fishing by airtaxi!

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4. Are you interacting with an owner, manager, guide, or booking agent?

It is important to deal directly, whenever possible, with the people who will be ultimately responsible for your arrangements.

5. Can I get a contractual agreement in writing?

It is usually a good idea to get a written quote including your fishing trip details as well as any cancellation restrictions or penalties. Avoid companies that won’t give you this in writing or ask for money prior to confirming your Alaska fishing trip.

So be sure to get a contractual agreement in writing for all services, equipment, accommodations and/or arrangements to be provided and the fees charged. Read over the contract carefully before signing and discuss any discrepancies or unclear areas you find in the wording. This is most important, as the written agreement is the legally binding document that holds your Alaska travel and tourism operator to deliver everything specified. It’s your guarantee of getting what you paid for.

6. Do you inspect each property, fishing tour or service that you offer?

It is important that your Alaska travel and tourism service choose and inspect each of his suppliers carefully, utilizing only the most reputable firms in the Alaska fishing tourism industry.

7. Do you “mark up” your fishing tour packages or add additional fees?

Check if your Alaska travel and tourism service mark up tour packages.

Rent a nice fishing boat!
alaska travel and tourism, fishing boat

8. Do you accept credit cards?

Paying by credit card provides you with a number of protections for any major purchase.

Free TIP ... Take your credit card on holiday!

9. Do you have references?

Ask for testimonials, visit the website. And why not contact references yourself? I always pick out one or more and contact them by phone or mail. When you contact some of these references, ask them about the fishing, accommodations, services and whether they would recommend the operator.

10. What is your refund policy?

Watch out for restrictive or non-refundable fishing vacation packages. Make sure you fully understand cancellation and refund policies before you buy any transportation service, fishing guide service or fishing license.

And I also strongly recommend a travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances that may cause last minute cancellations.

OK ... always remember these important questions!


And once you’ve committed to a services contract with a tour operator or a fishing guide you feel best about, give them your absolute trust and attention in following their recommendations for your fishing trip preparations. Remember, these folks are professionals who know Alaska conditions and the fishing like nobody’s business.

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