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This web page is about '' Site Policies and my personal style of doing business. My desire is to earn and maintain your trust, and to present you with a pleasant and enjoyable online 'fishing experience'.


A brief Disclaimer concerning the contents of ''.

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I really value my privacy on the Internet. I always choose to remain anonymous until I feel that a web site, blog or forum can be trusted with my personal information. And I believe that while you are a guest on '', you should be afforded the same respect in your right to privacy. Site policies that deal with privacy issues are important. Therefore, I have created a comprehensive Privacy Policy to disclose my information gathering and dissemination practices for ''.

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Child Privacy Policy

The Internet has a tremendous attraction for children and young people. It is truly a rich resource for children's education, information and entertainment -- the good sort. Unfortunately, there is a bad side to almost everything that is good, and it often seems the greater the good, the greater the bad. Although '' is not a children's web site, there will no doubt be some who will visit it. There is a kids corner and some information on Alaska for kids here! Moreover, the fishing Alaska wilderness vacation ideas are perfect for use with school projects. And besides, children love fishing too!

As parents, you should be aware of the site policies of web sites that your children visit, and you should be assured that your children will be afforded a safe visit. Therefore, I have created a Child Privacy Policy to disclose my information and dissemination practices as they relate to children visiting ''.

I have also included some helpful Internet child safety tips to make your child's online experience safer and more pleasant. Internet safety for children and young people is important!

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True enough, legal stuff like site policies can be boring to read; however, I encourage you to read my Terms of Use before using this fishing Alaska wilderness vacation web site. Essentially, they cover copyright restrictions on the use of my online materials, submission of your online material to me, and my limitation of liability. By using my web site, you automatically agree to my Terms of Use. Naturally, if you don't agree, please do not use this web site.

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