Serious About Wanting To Find Cheap Flights To Alaska?

Here's How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars!

Look carefully at your flight options and for cheap flights to Alaska! Book as early as possible so you would not lose any flight opportunities.

Several cities in North America offer non-stop flights to Anchorage and Fairbanks. If you are planning a fishing vacation to a destination in Alaska's Inside Passage, connections are made through Seattle, Washington (WA).

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Anchorage is the primary airline hub within Alaska.

Some major airlines do offer service to Fairbanks, which is about 50 minutes further north from Anchorage.

When selecting your airline carrier, be sure and examine their arrival and departure times. These times vary. Arriving in Anchorage by day or by night is critical to your itinerary.

Cost is always a consideration when planning your flight to Alaska. Look for ways to save on airtravel.

Here’s some important money saving information I found in conducting research for planning an Alaska fishing vacation and cheap flights to Alaska...


Money Saving Strategies... For You!

• First of all, June to August is the peak season, so flights to Alaska are most expensive at this time. If you plan your fishing vacation in May or September, it may be possible to find cheap flights to Alaska.

• Don't forget that flights to Alaska that include a Saturday night stay will be less expensive than those that do not. Traveling on Monday through Thursday is usually less expensive than traveling on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

• And flights that occur during holiday seasons are always more expensive, except if you are willing to travel on the holiday day, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year's Day.

• Finally, try airfare consolidators. Consolidators (a fancy name for discounters) are companies who purchase flights in bulk directly from the airlines and then resell them to travel agents and the public with a slight markup. These consolidated fares can be much cheaper than a regular fare.

And what about these SIMPLE SAVING TIPS for cheap flights to Alaska:

• Convert your ordinary monthly expenses into free airfare. Enroll in a credit card mileage program.

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• Ask the airlines to give you vouchers for discounts, food and flights.

Most airlines offer airmiles or skymiles. You will earn miles for your trip and everything else you buy.

• Take advantage from airline pricing mistakes.

• Or get bumped from a flight and reap the rewards (free flights or cheap flights to Alaska).

• Also save $$$ when parking at the airport (go by train for example).

• And get luggage carts at the airport for free.

Here's my final advice to you.

When you arrive in Anchorage by night, do not spend the night in Anchorage whenever it can be avoided. Motels in Anchorage during peak summer are expensive. You are financially much better off to plan a trip that allows you to immediately leave Anchorage once your flight has arrived.

OK. That's it.

To all fellow fishermen I say: "Enjoy your flights to Alaska!"

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