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You are planning for a fishing vacation to the Juneau area? Then the climate in Juneau Alaska and the weather there is something you should learn about.

Juneau lies in Southeast Alaska and is the capital of Alaska, with a population of approximately 30,000. Juneau is a fairly sophisticated city. Unlike Ketchikan and Sitka, it is actually located on the mainland, though it cannot be approached by road.

Juneau Tram
climate in juneau alaska, juneau tram OK, … let’s start with the positive.

It's not that cold in Juneau, because Juneau has a coastal climate. Temperatures are consistently mild for this latitude. The average summer high temperature is less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but the average low is only in the 50s. It seldom gets below 20 degrees Fahrenheit even in mid-winter.

But ... the climate in Juneau Alaska is also very unpredictable and you must be prepared for whatever it may throw at you. Hot and dry days aren’t uncommon, but neither are consecutive weeks of rain and wind.

So, layered clothing is recommended and rain gear is a must. And also pack polarized sunglasses and sun block! These items will protect you from the nearly constant sun glare.

Juneau's Mendenhall View

climate in juneau alaska, mendenhall

Rain is likely in Juneau. Downtown gets considerably more rain than the Mendenhall Valley or other areas to the north. May and June are the driest months in the year. October and November are the wettest. The annual average chance of precipitation is 59.8% and the annual average percent of available sun is 33.2%.

YUP … Thus, the climate in Juneau Alaska implies PREPARING YOURSELF for both cloudy, misty days and glorious blue days.

January is a month during which there are roughly seven hours of daylight each day. In July there are roughly 18 hours of daylight each day.

Juneau City
climate in juneau alaska, juneau city OK. Is the climate elsewhere in Southeast Alaska the same as the climate in Juneau Alaska?

Juneau is located in the Southeast "panhandle". The Southeast panhandle stretches nearly 600 miles. Within this region lies an impressive and dynamic landscape, shaped by the powerful forces of nature and nurtured by a benign climate. Southeast's climate is mild. Warmed in winter and cooled in summer by the maritime influence of the Pacific, conditions here can be surprisingly more favorable to outdoor activities than in some locations in the lower 48 states.

And what about the fishing conditions there?

Southeast has streams that, with few exceptions, are short, high gradient and small compared to most drainages on the mainland. Their swift, rocky nature and abundant surrounding vegetation make them much more difficult to negotiate then streams elsewhere in Alaska. More advantageous are the numerous Southeast waters with associated lakes, which typically have more consistent stream flows and better fishing.

With well-developed harbors and boat launch facilities, Juneau has numerous opportunities for boat, marine beach and freshwater fishing.

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