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Information On Alaska For Kids

Hi kids!

In this page you will find some information on Alaska for kids. If you are going on an Alaska fishing vacation with your parents, then this page is for YOU.

Do you already know something about Alaska?

First, I want to tell you that Alaska is ... BIG. At more than twice the size of Texas, it accounts for one-fifth of all United States land.
Wow, ... that is really BIG!

This bear is having fun!

Information on Alaska for kids, brown bear Alaska

And do you like animals?

I hope so. Because Alaska is home to a huge assortment of wildlife and you will probably see a lot of them.

Maybe, when you are on a fishing trip with your parents, you will see a black bear or a brown bear. Alaska is a bear country. Brrrrrrrrrrrr …
Or do you like polar bears, or deers?

Information on Alaska for kids, Alaska Zoo You will see these animals near the rivers or in the woods. But you can also see them in the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. There you can meet Mavis and Zayk.

Mavis is a female black bear. She arrived in the zoo in 1997 at only a few months of age. Mavis is very sweet. She was found in on the side of a road. Mavis lives at the Zoo with Zayk, a male black bear that was orphaned in 1998 when his mother was shot near Girdwood, Alaska. Zayk is very powerful. Now, Mavis and Zayk have a lot of fun together and play all day long!

Watch this big white one!

Information on Alaska for kids, polar bear Alaska

So, maybe you will catch a fish yourself, like the polar bear on the photo!

And don’t forget the following!

When you go out fishing with your dad and mom, you should ask them a few things before you go. DON'T FORGET! Things which make your fishing trip more fun.

Ask them ... (YES, this is also important information on Alaska for kids)

• … to keep your first few fishing trips short and sweet. You have to learn!

• … to go to a place where there is a lot of small fish so that you can practice and have fun. Your dad should find a fishery that is hot, ensuring at least a little action.

• … to wear your favorite clothes, your “lucky fishing shirt”.

• … and choose your special fishing hat, just like your dad.

• … to bring plenty of snacks.

• … to allow you to decide what lure you want to try first.

I am sure ... Your fishing trip will be FANTASTIC!

WOW... Look these whales.

Information on Alaska for kids, Alaska whale

But, ... there is some MORE important information on Alaska for kids.
For example, before you go on holiday, remember …

• … there are many different types of whales in Alaska.

• … Alaska is a great place to view birds.

• … many Alaska natives live a subsistence lifestyle. They hunt, fish, and gather their food as their ancestors have always done.

• … Alaska is a beautiful place with extremes in climate and topography. Its a great place to work and play.

• … oil and gas are important to Alaska's economy.

• … Alaskan kids often enjoy the outdoors. During day-long adventures, kids learn about the Alaskan environment and things you can do outdoors, including fly-tying, gold panning and how water shapes our world.
Maybe you can take part in such a hands-on environmental program
during your fishing vacation!

There is much more information on Alaska for kids. Ask your mom and dad!

Your meal for tonight. Mmmmmmm.

Information on Alaska for kids, fish

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