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There are plenty of printable maps of Alaska available on the internet to help you plan your Alaska fishing trip. Most of them are free. The prepared fisherman will use them!

Of course you do!

These printable maps provide you with your basic start up information, for example, information about the highway system. You will notice there is not a lot to it. Alaska’s highway system is quite small. What is there, is either two-lane blacktop or gravel road. There is no interstate system at all!

Your computer will allow you to view maps (of the region you want to visit) via the internet and secure them. These printable maps of Alaska will also give you detailed information on the run of the fish or the weather. I strongly recommend that you search the internet for those maps that are absolutely invaluable for planning your first trip, or any other return trip!

The key to understanding how to research Alaska by computer is by using the right keywords in any search. Keywords always provide you with key information. Type in keywords, search Google or any other search engine and up-to-date information immediately pops up.

You want an example? Here it is.

I learned about Interior Alaska’s climate and its prime times to fish through investigative internet research. With abundant spring sunshine, most of the streams are in good shape by early June and fish well into the summer, with the runoff from the wet season (July through October) augmenting flows into fall. I typed in “fishing season Alaska” and wound up on the website of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Cruising the site enabled me to gain access to various printable maps of Alaska and historical archives on the climate, weather and the runs of fish. I compared one area to another and read of fishing trends and weather forecasts.

Your computer will be a major player that contributes to information essential to your Alaska fishing vacation. Use those printable maps of Alaska. All these maps and information awaits you at the play of your fingertips and the push of a button. And none of it costs any more than what you pay for your monthly cable. It is out there and you’ve already paid for the right to retrieve it, so start retrieving.

I wish you well and good luck on your searches!

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