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If you go to Sitka, ask for Sitka Alaska tourist information at the Sitka visitor’s bureau. Their staff will give you all the Sitka Alaska tourist information you need and they can help you with just the perfect fishing charter package.

Surfing the internet I found great Sitka fishing information. Sitka is a wonderful place! A MUST go.

North of Sitka
sitka alaska tourist information, lake sitka Sitka is homeport to Alaska's best saltwater king salmon fishing. A multitude of bays and streams offer unlimited fishing and exploring opportunities.

If you like to catch big king salmon, go to Sitka!

Sitka catch rates for salmon are the highest in the region. No one can promise a king salmon, of course, but the odds are good at the right time of the year. Your local fishing guide know where they are and how to target the kings from years of experience.

Southeast Alaska is also the source for some of the world's finest halibut fishing. It's quite a thrill to feel a big halibut try to pull the rod out of your hands! The halibut frequent the same areas as the salmon and its common to catch a limit of both on the same day!

Reading all the Sitka Alaska tourist information, you feel fishing in this area is a great adventure. You will see whales, porpoises, otters and eagles.

In summary:

• Sitka is very close to open waters;
• it has the highest regional salmon numbers!;
• the halibut fishing grounds are less than an hour away;
• and there is unlimited scope for fishing sheltered inland waters.

sitka alaska tourist information, salmon

So Sitka enjoys a close proximity to both sheltered and open waters. This means fishing is possible in most weather conditions.

The scenery is great and the history interesting. But if you're a fisherman, those are just a bonus. You are looking for good fishing! Sitka has it.

Even more convincing than the Sitka Alaska tourist information are other people's references. I found some enthusiastic testimonials of people who visited Sitka:

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our trip July 3rd and 4th. My Dad loved catching the king. Also would like to let you know that if it wasn't for your excellent packaging we would have lost the fish on the return trip due to airline screw ups. My Dad received his fish in Denver 1 1/2 days later and it was still frozen thanks for the good job all around. Also your crew was very very good." Tim P.

"Thank you so much for taking good care of me on my recent trip to Sitka. Thank you again for the great recipes. We are enjoying the fish." Bob Faine

Holland America Line, Sitka

sitka alaska tourist information, holland america line

Sitka... It is the natural place for fishing adventure. Ask the Sitka visitor's bureau for all the Sitka Alaska tourist information you need: a list of charter operators, a list of fishing regulations, fishing areas and other information.

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