Discover The Beauty Of The Historic
Gold Rush Community Of
Skagway, Alaska

The Skagway Visitor Bureau
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Local Fishing Secrets

Skagway is a place of beauty. Go there!

Ask the Skagway visitor bureau and they will enthusiastically tell you why this is such a great place:

"A place exists in Alaska where the past lives on, where the cries of "gold in the Yukon" still echo from steep canyon walls, where the sounds of barroom pianos and boomtown crowds ring out in the night. A place where the romance and excitement of yesteryear linger around every street corner, every bend in the trail. That place is Skagway."

White Pass Train Ride

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The Skagway visitor bureau can give you useful fishing information. Skagway's rich history and spectacular natural setting combine to create unparalleled sightseeing and fishing opportunities.

From the Gold Rush of 1898 to the present day influx of tourists Skagway fishing has gone largely unchanged.

Are you the angler longing to tangle with the famed wild Alaskan salmon?

Then Skagway is the place to be. Skagway’s lack of commercial fishing combined with modern day environmental efforts, like raising hatchery salmon for release into the wild, make it a prime Alaskan fishing destination to explore on your fishing vacation.

Where is Skagway located?

Skagway is located in the Upper Lynn Canal. It is considered the northern most point in Southeast Alaska, 80 air miles from Juneau and 110 road miles from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. The City of Skagway is geographically the largest city in Alaska with 455 square land miles.

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Do you like cruising?

Ask the Skagway visitor bureau. They will tell you that almost all of the cruising lines calling on Alaska include Skagway in their itineraries. Whether you are on a 7-day one-way cruise or a longer excursion that includes overland travel, you will probably stop in Skagway.

Skagway is also famous for it's hospitality. The Skagway visitor bureau knows the best places to eat and shop. Sit down at one of the small cafés, or taste something in an Alaskan brew pub, or treat yourself to a meal in a restaurant with surprises created by one of the many local chefs. Lovely food!

And reservations are strongly recommended for some of the more popular restaurants in Skagway during the busy summer months.

Jewelry shop

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Want more information?

The Skagway visitor bureau has numerous publications available for you. Some can be picked up in Skagway during your visit, some can be mailed out, some viewed online, some downloadable and print ready.

Enjoy your stay in Skagway!

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