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How To Make Sure You Get Your Email By Whitelisting

Whitelist fight spam... To make sure that e-mail or e-zines from me are not deleted or filtered into a "Junk" or "Bulk" folder, please add the following domain to your list of trusted senders, your address book, or contact list (in your e-mail software), and to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)/mail service's whitelist:


This whitelisting should guarantee that you will always receive whatever e-mail you need... support replies (should you ever need support), post-order emails (if you order an e-book or other product from me), the Alaska Fishing Lovers Newsletter (if you subscribe to this), etc.

Remember: I only EVER send e-mail that you specifically request.

If You Can't Whitelist

If you can't whitelist alaska-fishing-vacation-advisor.com...

Please click here for help with whitelisting problems (Opens new window)

SiteSell (Opens new window), a top 250 small business Internet company, hosts this 'alaska-fishing-vacation-advisor.com' Web site and knows all about whitelisting and how you do add the alaska-fishing-vacation-advisor.com domain to the so-called "white list". It varies from ISP/mail service to service and they tell you how to do it... yahoo whitelist, att.net whitelist, etc.

I Am Sincerely Sorry For This Bother

Sorry for the inconvenience, but these circumstances are way beyond my control. All you and I can do is work with the good ISPs and responsible mail services to shut out the spammers, and let the "good guys" through.

Thank You,

Herbert Verweij

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